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rogerHello Friend,

Welcome to a journey I've been on for many years. It started in earnest in January 1991 when my marriage of twenty seven years began to publically unravel. 

Within weeks I lost a successful consulting practice with Christian organizations across North America, my reputation was shattered and I was left on brink's edge.

I thought, "The only thing that could be worse than this would be the loss of a child." Three years later, our twenty-two year old son, Eric, was killed in a car crash.

Nobody wanted a man, a major league hypocrite, who talked and sang one way but hid his anti-Christ coping life. I was trying to manage the pain from unresolved childhood and teenage wounds according to old patterns. It didn't work. Never does. So on go the masks. The more success we acheive the more masks are needed. We think. My alcoholic father offered little affirmation. My mom tried to fill the gap as best she could, but I could not find my identity as a man from my mother (nor can a daughter find her core identity from her father). Like the Apostle Paul, I did things I didn't want to do and didn't do things I knew were best.

The good news is I went to work-first with an excellent therapist and then with ordinary men. We shared our stories-our life journeys. In 2000, I began to merge the best psychological principles found in Scripture with a micro-group model we call the Eagle's Nest. The results have been profound in my life and in the lives of many others.

God helps us pick up the pieces if we cooperate and learn. I remarried a few years later and Sharon has proved to be a terrific partner in ministry. I am also blessed with two step-sons and our daughter. And those grandkids are something!

This website will briefly describe four principles and four practices or methods that Jesus taught. These have been practiced over the centuries by those individuals who desired to go deep with God, to experience Christ-centered transformation.

Take ten minutes or so and get acquainted with an approach to spiritual growth that can take you to a new level of living.

If you get the chance to read various Blogs we post it will enourage you to realize we are all on a continous journey. Your responses to the Blogs are encouraged. If you care to add a Blog as a result of your journey with the 4 Habits of a Healthy Heart please let us know.

Roger Perkins