Board of Directors


Higher Ground is governed by a board comprised of individuals who are responsible for the missional and fiscal integrity of the organization. Members are selected on the basis of their own spiritual maturity, experience with non-profit and business practices and personal leadership qualities.

Roger's assessment of the individual board members is that they bring strong commitments to Christ, to reaching others, lots of experience in a broad range of settings, enough grey hair to provide wisdom but not so much as to have very little energy. These men work at their governance role in a serious manner. They are definitely not "Yes men."

 Arthur O'Dell

Art O'Dell has played a major role in helping develop workshop materials for Higher Ground. He is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church denomination and has been serving for several years as a pastor to missionaries in other countries. Art recently retired from that role but continues his calling of engaging others in life-changing spiritual development. 

Richard Olson

Ric Olson hails from Midland, Michigan. Ric is the President of Gantec Corporation, a company dedicated to establishing businesses in developing nations where employment is a critical issue. Ric has been teaching others to embrace the 4 Habits for several years and is one of Higher Grounds most active volunteers in taking the message and methods into Michigan prisons. 

Jim Lorence

Jim Lorence, board Treasurer, is the President of Lorence and VanderZwart, a financial planning firm in Holland, Michigan. In addition to financial expertise, Jim's real driving force is to have a deeper walk with God and help others discover a similar journey. He has been involved for many years in mission and para-church ministries. He has an unusually capacity for seeing through the fog on issues.

Ray Beerhorst

Ray Beerhorst, board Vice-Chairman, is a long-standing proponent of personally practicing and helping others experience the transforming potential of spiritual disciplines. He has a very natural way of connecting with others who are searching for answers to life's issues. Ray is Lead Reliability Engineer for The Whirlpool Corporation. He is good at keeping us all on task.

Tom Lowing

Tom Lowing, board Secretary, is a professor of architecture at Andrews University and also adjunct at Notre Dame. His skills in effective educational approaches are a major contribution in developing new materials. Tom has been personally practicing the 4 Habits for several years and can attest to the transforming effect they have had in his own life. In addition to being Higher Ground's board secretary, Tom is an active Higher Ground prison volunteer.

Anthony Paige

Anthony Paige serves as Chairman of the Higher Ground board. He is Customer Service Manager for Medical Accessories and Research Corporation. He holds and MBA from the University of Detroit and has several decades of experience in corporate upper management. In addition to a serious commitment to the cause of Christ he is very skilled in the area of strategic planning-a good man to have at the helm of board leadership.