The Great Condition: Giving Up Control


Outcome 4

If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

Mark 8:34


Deny himself is a term that means, "Give up being a control freak."



Good fear is a gift from the Creator; it keeps the human race alive! All humans are born with the tendency to be motivated by fear-our drive to survive-to avoid pain and find satisfaction for our human basic needs.

Unhealthy fear leads to control. It is childish. It results from dragging our wounded past into adult life. We attempt to avoid suffering and in the process develop unhealthy patterns in attitudes, emotions, thinking and actions.

To overcome the unhealthy fear based survivor mentality requires continual learning-learning how to give up our controlling human approach to life. At the same time we must learn to discern God's will in all areas of life.



When we give up control, our fears and survival strategies can become subjected to love-loving God and others. This will help us develop a new, fresh motivator for living life. This occurs when we are soaking in and saturated with God's presence. This results in healthy soul survival, as well as improved mental and physical health.



How would your life change if you were willing to admit you are a controller and were willing to change?