The Great Goal: Oneness with God


Outcome 1

Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name... so that they may be one as we are one.
John 17:11-12


Oneness is a term for fusion or union with God - initiated by God but requiring our cooperation. It is also known as integration with our Divine Source.  Jesus said He only spoke the words He got from the Father within and He only did the will of His Father. That is integration of one's humanity with the Source of life - the Creator.



Oneness with God brings us into contact with our true identity. Without this we are left to attempt to find our identity in our humanness. This results in being overly motivated and controlled by our five physical senses, emotional neediness and the desire for social status. The human survival schemes of self-protection and self-enhancement are powerful but ultimately dead-end streets.



If we live in integration with God, there may be people we now ignore that we will start to befriend. Our level of patience with our spouse and/or others will increase. We will be less concerned about impressing folks. We will not put off doing tasks that are important. We will experience balanced living.



How would your life change if you lived in a full time state of being in oneness with God - with Him calling all the shots?