The Great Result: Loving Others


Outcome 3

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.

I John 4:7


The degree to which we love others is the proof that we love God and that God loves us. It starts with those who have hurt us or that we look down upon. This love is not an emotion; it is not triggered by nor repelled by the actions of others.



Human love is little more than animal love. We love others as long as they are nice to us. This isn't love at all, it's a transaction. This places all human relationships at risk. We must find the path to a higher plane of life.



Peace (freedom from anxiety) and joy (thankfulness in all circumstances) are the resulting emotions when we permit God to love through us. 

As God, the Divine Creator, flows through every tiny crack and corner of our being, our love for others becomes unconditional, non-transactional, outrageous, and selfless. Our state of peace and thankfulness will transcend the performance of others.



How would your life change if you were willing to let God love everyone through you, even those you consider unlovable or do not want to love.