Get Real: Speaking Honestly


Habit 3

Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.
James 5:16


The Definition

Get Real is admitting to another person our wrong-doing-including unhealthy motivations. It is the practice of looking at the reality of our self-centeredness, taking off the masks we use to fool others and getting real. Honesty. To some degree, most of us suffer from MMD-Multiple Mask Disorder. How about you?


The Path

The five levels of Get Real-systemic confession:

  1. Actions - Unhealthy behaviors
  2. Thinking - Twisted thinking
  3. Emotions - Negative feelings
  4. Attitudes - Unhealthy beliefs
  5. Root System - Hurtful early years


The Benefit

Get Real helps remove blockages to spiritual growth. These blockages are a fear of rejection and a fear of being defective-shame. Being totally honest helps clean the crud out of your soul soil.  These fears, if left to smolder, prevent truth from penetrating our person-hood.  New insights cannot take root because we get preoccupied with our fears-and the coping, cover up strategies. 

Acceptance by others in spite of failures, gradually overcomes the fear that fuels self-protection and self enhancement-the twin soul distorters. All sin emanates from fear.


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