Get Connected: Awareness of God


Habit 1

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.
Isaiah 26:3 (KJV)


The Definition

Get Connected is the awareness of God's presence within us; it is being relaxed in the fact that God will provide for our needs for love and affirmation and will direct our lives as we are willing to comply.  It is our becoming plugged into God at all times.


The Path

Get Connected is experienced by learning to focus on God's presence around and within us. We gradually increase the frequency until it is unending. Our goal is to take this "unending" experience and expand it into every area of our life. It's the only way to achieve the Great Goal.

In learning how to Get Connected, to center in God, we have found it helpful to use a focus phrase such as, "Jesus,"  "Holy Spirit," "I'm here Father," or "You're here Father." Some simply learn to chit-chat, listen and just be with God, all day long.  A lit candle or some other object may help focus the mind, making the awareness of God's presence primary.


The Benefit

Get Connected is your greatest protection from wrong doing. It is the key Habit to help form your true identity. It puts your human desires in a distant second place. Yes, you and I don't like to put ourselves or our desires in second place-but we will pay a heavy price if we don't let them go.


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