Get Corrected: Doing God’s Will


Habit 4

Obey me...Walk in all the ways I command you that it may go well with you.
Jeremiah 7: 23


The Definition

Get Corrected is our plan to change, to live a better way-to be more like Jesus.


The Path

During Habit 3, Get Truth, we confessed short-comings at five levels and the negative fallout. Now, we must apply the correction needed at the same five levels. We may need to reverse the order, that is, we may need to go to those who have hurt us and try to make things right before we make any real progress in changing the way we live. At some point our root system must be dealt with.

We must:

  • Face our actions, our thinking, our emotions, our negative attitudes, and our family root system.
  • Develop a written plan for change.
  • Right the wrongs whenever possible. Follow-through obedience must be at the same five levels indicated in the confession.


The Benefit

This change helps bring about reconciliation: oneness with God, relationships with others, living out of one's true self, and being a positive influence in one's world.


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