Get Truth: Listening to God


Habit 2

I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways.
Psalm 119: 15


The Definition

Get Truth is listening, through meditative reading, to the Spirit; it is soaking in the Scriptures until God speaks clearly to our condition in specific ways.


The Path

The time spent in Habit 1, Awareness of God's Presence, relaxing and trusting in God's provision, care, and direction, prepares us to move into getting God's perspective for our lives by listening to Him.

Get Truth begins by asking the question, "What is God saying directly to me about me?" God reveals both the interpretation and the application. It is always specific: situations, people, actions, thinking, emotions and attitudes. We must avoid imposing previous interpretations of the meaning of the passage from our tradition and current beliefs. We must never put pre-existing conditions or interpretations on what God may be telling us.


The Benefit

Meditation on Scripture points out the ways in which your actions, thinking, and motivations are missing the mark of healthy living. It makes more accurate your view of God, self and others. It provides direction in what changes are to be made and often how to go about making those changes.


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