The Eagle’s Nest


Our Transformation Group

For where two or three of you are gathered in my name, there I am with them. 
Matthew 18:20

An Eagle's Nest is a transformation group comprised of two or three people (same gender) committed to practicing The 4 Habits of a Healthy Heart. The groups meet regularly to process Habits 1 and 2 and implement Habits 3 and 4.

Limiting the group size provides a safe place, gives time for each person to share, and keeps the meeting within a reasonable timeframe.

The Eagle's Nest helps remove the emotional blockages of fear and shame that slow or prevent personal and spiritual growth.

The Eagle's Nest is an essential method for dealing with the difficult challenges of our lives. It is critical to accomplishing authentic transformation.


The Eagle's Nest Agreement
  • We do not give advice to anyone.
  • We do not confess another person's wrong actions.
  • We do not correct one another's views or perspectives.
  • We do maintain strict confidentiality within the group.