A few testimonials from those who were willing to break free from the bondage of sin, and find the true transforming love of a God that desires to heal the soul.


My wife Mary and I joined Higher Ground when we realized that our marriage was falling apart, and answers to our questions were not cutting it. The love was all but gone. My wife met with Roger several months before I allowed myself to even think that outside help was needed. But pointing fingers at each other was not fixing anything; it sure did a great job to destory us.

I grew up in a very religious family where we believed we held the only truth about God. My journey began by digging deep into my roots, (something I believed a "Christian" need not do). This process and gentle love from Roger and the other men in the group allowed the Holy Spirit to work in my life to help me become aware of the damage I was causing to my wife and children.

During this time, my wife and I separated to give each other room to heal. This was not as easy as that last sentience states, this brought with it insanity and great pain for both of us. As the months past, the Spirit began to reveal the deep pure love and safety found in God alone, even within the shadow of death.

Week after week I went to the Eagles Nest to share the truth about my broken life, getting real about my past, confessing my sin, and what I was doing to change these unhealthy patterns in my life.

The transformation that took place in my life was unmistakable! Things like standing in front of these men with child-like joy, looking down at my clothes and telling them about the vision I had in my heart of standing in front of Jesus in white clothes. I have been washed clean, and seen by a loving God as white as snow, pure and without shame!

Bible studies, sermons or any other form of gathering of believers did very little for me except to reinforce my belief that all "good" Christians should hide the pain and appear happy on the outside. Higher Ground breaks that destructive mold by helping people like myself find the truth about themselves, but also find the real peace and joy about a God of great love, power and grace.

My wife and I are back together again! We have found intimacy in out marriage that has never before existed. We now work through things in our lives from a different point of view, and the love of God shines in and over us now every day!

Thank you Roger for your deep love and understanding that somehow seen past the junk in my life as you sat and listened to me spew all my justification for months before I was finally spent. It was then that I was able to see a different side of God I didn't before believed existed.

Steve Nyhof


There's not enough good stuff I can say about Higher Ground...it's changed my life.   I originally came to the meetings hoping to "help someone".  I went for several months and thought it wasn't for me.  I thought I'd dealt with my issues and this wasn't what I was looking for.  Boy was I wrong.  After several months off I decided after some gentle nudging to come back.  What I saw was men finally being real and vulnerable.  Most groups I was in were good, but often lacked the brutal honesty which facilitates change.  A friend of mine calls it "living on the surface", never getting to the real meat of a person's being.  I found men sharing their deepest darkest secrets with each other.  I found men reading their bible and soaking it into their innermost beings.   I saw the spirit talking through the word to each of us and not only hearing it, but acting on prompting to correct things.  I've seen each person in the group have monumental change in their lives, myself included.

I've never experienced anything like it.  No magical formula, no book of the month to read, and no one's agenda pushed onto you.  Just men being real, reading the word, letting the spirit talk to them, confessing of sin and 180 degree repentance.  It's quite refreshing.  My son was laying on the bed with me a while back.  He was rubbing my arm and said that he "liked his new dad".  I was a bit taken back.  I thought "what was the old dad like"?  He told me the old dad yelled a lot and got angry at him and that the new dad was much more loving. 

Higher Grounds objective is "The Renewing of the Mind"...I never quite got that till recently.  I really feel like my life has been totally renewed and I'm a different son, father, husband, and boss.  I like the new me as well.  My new mission is to share what the group has done for me and hopefully connect other's to the wonderfulness of Higher Ground. 

Jeff Kammeraad